SAIKEO CO., LTD, born in 2016, is a new growing company in the field of ventilation and cooling facilities. Aim of the company is to offer better working environment to more and more workers all over the world. Avoiding lowering working efficiency caused by summer heat is our pricinple. 

By now, we mainly focus on solving ventilation and cooling problems of high and big space, like workshops, warehouses, gyms, stations, etc. Our main product is 24 feet (7.3 meter) high volume low speed fan. We do this single product, hoping to make it impeccable and the best among other competing products. No matter where we are and what we are doing, we keep it in mind, and we are not stopping. 

2016.3 - Company was established in Suzhou, China

2016.5 - 2000sqm workshop was built in Wuxi

2017.10 - Strategy cooperation with Germany ABM Motor 

2018.1 - Ranking Top 5 of market share of China

2018.6 - The board makes decision of entering overseas markets


Our Mission: Getting rid of troubles caused by summer heat

Our Vision: To achieve leading position in ventilation and cooling industry

Our Values: Combining technology with customer experience